Sale of steel and material for steel mills

Who we are

Global srl was created in 2015, from the passion for steel and all its facets.

lt was born from the idea of a group of entrepreneurs who, thanks to the experience gained over the years, and the relationships established with customers and suppliers, can boast of solid international knowledge. Knowing a wide range of producers in the steel sector, we are able to supply all our customers directly and indirectly. We cooperate with several transport companies to meet all the needs of our customers. We can provide the materials directly from the steelworks, or the finished product with third party processing company.


For our business we use supplies of materials from all the main European and extra-European steel mills. Above all: India, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. We have direct contact with manufacturers and traders so that we can guarantee our customers competitive supplies, trying to satisfy all requests. We can supply hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized and pickled coils, in addition to a series of specific products on request.
We guarantee material reliability through manufacturer’s origin certifications and subsequent MTC.

Hot rolled steel coil

Hot rolled pickled and oiled

Cold rolled coil

Hot dipped galvanized

Electrogalvanized steels

And so on

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We can offer materials processing services with state ­of-the-art plants and machinery capable of cutting and flattening all types of metal sheets to satisfy customers in the most various sectors

Household Appliance


Solar panels

Wind turbines


Electric engines

Naval sector

We also offer import, custom clearance and distribution financial services.

Contact us to request info on the materials or services offered, our support will reply within 24 hours